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The objective of the medical practice Doctor Paolo Gozzi is to improve patients health by providing the highest quality in care and cardiovascular examinations.

Dr. Med. Paolo Gozzi

Cardiology skills allow us to qualify in the diagnosis and treatment of heart and cardiovascular diseases and peripheral vascular diseases. We propose the recognition of early alterations of risk and future disease and in their treatment, prevention and education to prevention and treatment of associated diseases such as inflammation, diabetes, glandular disorders (endocrine), renal diseases, disorders due to excess weight and lack of movement. The global approach, competent and aimed at obtaining the maximum benefit of care based on the individual therapeutic needs of the patient. The pillars of our philosophy are: the patient and his needs are at the center of our work, we avoid as much as possible hospitalization with optimized prevention measures, training and dialogue and extending the care and diagnosis in case of need even at the home.

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Dr. Med. Paolo Gozzi
General medicine (I) Paolo Gozzi and his team propose themselves as a center of “family and trust medicine “. Allways at patient´s side  with consultations, in emergency and at home (including instrumental diagnosis). And when the expertise of different specialist will be a need with functions of guidance and coordination as required. Always at the center is prevention such as lifestyle and cancer screening. In the field of prevention we provide vaccinations. If necessary, we integrate palliative measures such as pain therapy. We guarantee diagnostics with blood tests, instrumental examinations including ultrasound and an accurate physical examination of the patient. The team supports the management needs of pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapy, the bureaucratic requirements, organization and coordination of all the subjects and institutions involved in the treatment path.

Our main Services


diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases, cardiovascular diseases and peripheral vascular diseases


early detection and treatment of anomalies


cardiology support for the treatment of oncological, autoimmune, respiratory and infectious diseases


treatment of associated diseases like diabetes, glandular disorders, renal diseases,
disturbances correlated to excessive weight and lack of exercise

Medical Practice

The medical practice Doctor Paolo Gozzi assess and manage the care of patients with cardiovascular diseases and conditions, including:

• Arrhythmias and electrical disorders of the heart
• Congenital heart disease
• Coronary artery disease
• Preventive treatment and education for diseases of the heart, blood vessels, stroke and dementia secondary to circulatory disease
• Heart failure

• Hypertension
• Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
• Setting, diagnosis and care of patients before and after cardiac surgery
• Valvular heart disease
• Rheumatic disease of the heart

• Diagnosis of CCSVI (Venous disease that frequently is associated with the framework of multiple sclerosis and is ultimately placed in relation to other neurodegenerative diseases and some pictures of the Alzheimer’s type dementia)



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