Dr. med. (I) Paolo Gozzi

Dr. med. Paolo Gozzi’s aim is to improve the health of his patients as well as their quality of life and their psychophysical performance by applying high quality treatment and cardiovascular examinations. We take care of:

• diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases, cardiovascular diseases and peripheral vascular diseases;
• early detection and treatment of anomalies;
• prevention and education for prevention;
• treatment of associated diseases like diabetes, glandular disorders, renal diseases, disturbances correlated to excessive weight and lack of exercise.

In doing so, the cardiologist is not limited to heart diseases or diseases of the cardiovascular system but he goes a step further to analyse the body as a whole. Our holistic approach to the human and his or her needs form the pillars of our philosophy according to which we first treat the patient and only then the disease.

We treat patients with cardiovascular problems

• Disorders of heart rhythm and of cardiac conduction
• Congenital heart defects
• Coronary heart disease
• Prevention of disorders of the cerebral circulation like stroke and vascular dementia
• Heart insufficiency
• Hypertension
• Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
• Diagnosis and treatment of patients before and after cardiosurgical procedures
• Rheumatic heart diseases
• Diseases of the heart valves

We provide the following services

• Cardiac examinations
• Counselling in preventive cardiology
• Counselling in onco-cardiology
• Presurgical and postsurgical assessment and care
• Diagnosis and treatment of atrial fibrillation
• Doppler and colour Doppler echocardiography
• Colour Doppler of blood vessels
• CCSVI diagnosis
• Examination of the venous blood circulation in the neck
• 24-hour blood pressure measurement
• Electrocardiogram (ECG)
• Spirometry
• Measurement of vascular stiffness with the Vasera device
• 24-hour Holter ECG monitoring
• Multi-parametric ECG analysis
• Exercise ECG